Windows Server Administration

List of tasks commonly performed by our Systems Administrators

Admin Tools

  • Built-in Standard Windows Admin Tools
  • Component Service, Computer Management, ODBC

Web Server – IIS

  • Install and configure IIS Web Server
  • Install, configure and manage FTP servers (Standard FTP / CuteFTP Server / WSFTP Server)
  • Patch IIS with the latest version from Microsoft
  • Secure communication with web server certificate
  • Creation of Website and assigning identification , ipaddress, tcp port , max connections, logging file
  • Tuning Web server performance, enable bandwidth throttling , enable process throttling
  • Create ISAPI filter , update server extension with the latest version
  • Install and configure FrontPage extension
  • Manage server using server level administration
  • Backup + restore server configuration
  • Create secure communication using SSL

Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP with Imail or Exchange)

  • Install active directory with new windows service pack
  • Install / configure Microsoft Exchange server :
    • Adding domain for email server
    • Exchange server administrator and monitoring
    • Configure SMTP routing, Mail relay restriction , anti spamming restriction
    • User access restriction , access file restriction
    • Install and securing Microsoft outlook Web access for users Web mail
    • Securing Microsoft outlook Web access
  • Exchange security
    • Administration delegation
    • Set advance permission
  • Outlook webaccess troubleshooting
    • Diagnostic logging with using IIS logging feature
    • Performance monitoring
  • Migrating / upgrading exchange
  • Coexisting exchange with previous version
  • Replicating exchange users mailbox databases
    • Managing public folder
    • Connect to other messaging server like lotus notes, cc:mail, Novell Groupwise server.

DNS Server

  • Install and Configure DNS Server type ( Primary, secondary, cache only DNS )
  • Adding forward lookup, reverse lookup zone
  • Zone transfer at secondary DNS server
  • Configure Dynamic update , refresh interval , retry interval , ttl
  • Adding Domain / host record , Adding CNAME record , Adding MX record , PTR record


  • TCP / IP, Subnetting allocation setting
  • NAT configuration Windows Routing Service
  • Package installation / configuration
  • Windows Router configuration : using RIP, RIPv2 , OSPF

Application Script Engine (ASP, ColdFusion)

  • Server Settings
  • Data Sources
  • Debug Settings
  • CFX Tags and Custom Tag Paths
  • Logging Settings, Log Files, Server Reports
  • Data Sources:
    • Native Data Sources
  • Extensions: JVM and Java Settings, Java Applets

Application Script Engine (PHP)

  • Install php, phpadmin & phpcoder for windows
  • Integrating PHP with Apache web server and MySQL
  • Configure PHP with CGI


  • Daemon / TCP Service thru TCP/IP port
  • Continuous ping + latency check


  • TCP/IP Port checking / block recommendation
    • Port Blocking
  • OS / Application Patch
    • OS / Application Patch
  • Vulnerability assessment – scanning with Nessus and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Backup Application

  • Installation of backup application such as Verities Backup Exec, ArcServer
  • Installation of remote backup agent, IDR and advanced open file option
  • Configuring media server
  • Media management
  • Configuration of backup job
  • Restoring data from the backup

Anti-Virus Servers

  • Installation / Upgradation and configuration of anti-virus server
  • Installation and configuration of SSC, central quarantine server, Live Update Administration Utility, Virus Definition Manager
  • Remote deploy of client installation
  • Setting-up server and client auto-protect option
  • Virus Sweeping
  • Configuring Server and client side scanning schedule

Mail Server Anti-Virus

  • Installation / Up-gradation and configuration of server
  • Configuration of policies
  • Configuration of spam prevention settings, heartbeat settings, Notification / alerts settings, content dictionary settings and quarantine settings
  • Setting up Real-time Blacklist (RBL) Blocking
  • Configuring scan schedule and releasing quarantine mail attachments

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