Server Administration Services

We provide server administration services for all commonly available flavors of Linux, Unix and Windows. We have various level of plans which are customized to your needs. We have outlined some of the commonly covered issues under these plans.

  • Monitoring operating system health and statistics
  • Downtime response and system reboot
  • Operating system troubleshooting, repair and patches
  • Install, setup, configure & maintain mail servers (Sendmail, Qmail, IMAP, POP3 ,Postfix, Imail, Exchange)
  • Install, set-up, configure and support DNS server
  • Install, set-up, configure support and monitor Web Server (Apache and IIS)
  • Install, set-up, configure and support database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server)
  • Install and maintain Perl, PHP and other software
  • File system management
  • Daily backup system maintenance
  • Backup restorations
  • Installation and maintenance of common utilities and applications
  • Security related configurations
  • Full 24/7 monitoring of the server
  • Diagnostic analysis of critical system failure

Over the years we have monitored and managed thousands of Windows and Linux based servers in hundreds of data centers, corporate locations, and on popular Cloud platforms.  Let us help you manage your servers today!

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