Migration Services

If you are wary of migrating your existing environment to a newer version or on the cloud, because you are afraid your internal team might botch up the task; or are petrified by the complex and daunting process that a migration task is, trust the leaders in migration services. Trust Katalyst.

Katalyst is a 1-Tier CSP and has over a decade of experience in migrating on-premise applications to the Cloud, with over a ten thousand migrations carried out with no downtime and zero data loss. We simplify your move into the cloud and ease your transition process by guiding you at every step.

All our migration experts are Microsoft Certified Professionals with deep expertise across cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS. We have had the distinction of carrying out complex migration tasks such as migrating SharePoint Farm environment or Project Server 2016 to cloud in record time with zero error.

We plan your migration well in time, conceptualize resource management utilization, carry out compatibility tests and do rigorous testing on laboratory environment. All these is because we cannot afford to have you encounter issues on the production environment once the migration is complete. With Katalyst experts, your migration goes smooth without disrupting your day-to-day business functions.

Whether you are migrating from one version of an application to an upgraded one, or from on-premises to the Cloud; our team can help your migration experience for Microsoft software applications to be risk free and smooth.