Cloud Services

As a Cloud Solution Provider, Katalyst provides you with any Microsoft Cloud platform licenses, products, and services, including Office 365 and Azure.

Our Cloud services is centered around unburdening you of the complex cloud management grunt work. We bring unparalleled expertise in cloud centric services such as migration, automation, and disaster recovery services, amongst others.

This is what we offer under the cloud services hood:

  • Migration Services
    Katalyst is a 1-Tier CSP and has over a decade of experience in migrating on-premise applications to the Cloud, with over ten thousand migrations completed with no downtime and zero data loss. We simplify your move into the cloud and ease your transition process by guiding you at every step. We plan your migration well in time, conceptualize resource management utilization, carry out compatibility tests and do rigorous testing on laboratory environment. All these is because we cannot afford to have you encounter issues on the production environment once the migration is complete. With Katalyst experts, your migration goes smooth without disrupting your day-to-day business functions.
  • Security
    Katalyst helps its clients implement the highest level of security. Some of the major considerations are gap analysis, security protocols for every aspect of your hosted or cloud environment, automation, compliance, and managed firewalls.
  • Automation Services
    Katalyst Automation Services helps your enterprise to identify opportunities for automation and deploy custom automation solutions that is the right fit for your business. Katalyst automation experts conduct audits on existing server infrastructures and provide ongoing support to optimize frameworks and strengthen cloud service delivery.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Katalyst provides Disaster Recovery (DR) services to save your business from massive IT resource drain and exorbitant cost. We architect a DR solution in the cloud that brings down hardware costs while improving recovery speeds and eliminating the risk of data loss.
  • Cloud Computing Consulting
    Katalyst’s expertise latest technology and software products is comparable with the most advanced IT departments of large companies. Our clients tap into this expertise by using our consulting services on a project or hourly basis. Currently, we provide consulting services in SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Virtualization Technology – Hyper-V and Software Services.