Hybrid Cloud

Katalyst Hybrid Cloud solutions help growing businesses find an easy way to cost-effectively extend its IT capabilities.

Especially for small & medium sized businesses, it becomes expensive to scale up their on-prem infrastructure. But they seek increased flexibility and unlimited resources on demand. In such a scenario, the best environment for hosting a workload is one that combines both public cloud, private cloud and single-tenant dedicated environments.

That’s how a hybrid cloud comes into the picture.

Hybrid cloud integrates with the business’s existing IT infrastructure. It enables a business to create new capabilities for the end user and simultaneously bring down cost.

Katalyst’s hybrid cloud offers dual benefits. The agility and cost effectiveness of the Cloud and the retained value in existing technology investments.

Katalyst’s hybrid cloud implementations give organizations unlimited resources on-demand. Benefit from a hybrid cloud strategy that gives you the best of both worlds: cloud benefits plus value from existing technology investments. Katalyst can manage your infrastructure and applications across on-premises, data centers and Cloud platforms. Our cloud experts are best anywhere you can find. Let experts decide for you how to move your IT infrastructure on a hybrid environment.