Linux Server Administration Services

List of tasks commonly performed by our Systems Administrators

Web Server (Apache)

  • Installation of Apache from source
  • Installation of Apache from RPM or ports or dpkg
  • Setting up Web site; Configuring Website parameters and customization
  • Confiugration of Apache and Frontpage extensions
  • Security configuration and security audits
  • Creation of SSL certificates and related configuration
  • PHP installation and configuration
  • Tomcat integration with Apache
  • CGI, Perl, mod_perl installation and configuration
  • Performance tuning and enhancements
  • Install/integrate dynamic modules for Apache

Mail Server (Exim, qmail, Postfix and Sendmail)

  • Install and configure mail server
  • Configure email Relay; Restrict Relay
  • Configure auto-responders and mailing lists
  • Security configuration and audits of security status
  • Integration of spam and anti-virus software
  • Implementation of Web-based management software
  • Setting up SMTP authentication
  • MySQL integration
  • User management

FTP Server (ProFTPD, Wu-FTP)

  • Install and configure FTP server
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous FTP
  • User management and security settings
  • Chroot user to their home directory
  • Set-up ftp sitesĀ· Set-up mirror ftp sites

DNS Server

  • Install and Configure DNS Server
  • Create and manage zones and records
  • Set-up master/slave DNS
  • DNS server security:
  • Create ACL (Access Control List) configuration

Database Server

  • Installing mysql server package with optional modules support
  • Installing mysql client package
  • Installing mysql-devel package
  • Manage database and users
  • Integration with all programming languages
  • Migration of database
  • Replication of database
  • Performance tuning


  • Setting up primary and virtual IPs
  • Install and configure network services
  • Set-up LAN / WAN
  • Secure network using firewall
  • Create ipchains / iptables / ipfw to filter traffic
  • NAT and Port redirection
  • Samba file / print sharing for LANs
  • Samba domain controller for LANs

Operating System

  • Install and configure new servers
  • Build, install and configure Kernels
  • Update OS using up2date, yum and apt-get
  • Manage users, services and 3rd party packages

Monitoring (Nagios)

  • Installation and configuration
  • Network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, etc.) monitoring
  • Host resources (processor load, disk and memory usage, log files etc.) monitoring
  • NRPE plug-ins to get custom details from server
  • SNMP monitoring to get detailed reports


  • Disable unwanted services
  • TCP/IP Port checking / block recommendation
  • Port Blocking
  • OS / Application / Kernel Patch updates
  • Upgrade packages
  • Application specific security add-ons
  • Vulnerability assessment – scanning with Nessus

Backup Application

  • Setting up scripts to back-up data
  • Remote ftp backups
  • Migrating data/servers/services

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