IT Help Desk

We offer services to augment IT help desk teams by providing remote online, real time technical support. We can integrate our remote support processes with client system and processes to provide a seamless experience to the end customer.

By implementing, Katalyst’s multi-channel support system, computer users no longer need to rely on more expensive means of receiving help: desk-side visits, peer-to-peer assistance or over-burdened help desk staff. Individuals can get the help they need, when they need it – via telephone, instant messenger, e-mail or Web – from a qualified team of Katalyst help desk professionals.

Katalyst provides a cost effective and scalable solution for outsourcing the IT Help Desk function by leveraging our technical service centers. The IT Help Desk group provides total support solutions for the desktop and mobile application environments. The support provided is comprehensive and encompasses operating system, devices, networking and the various popular desktop applications that run the office environment.

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