Technical Support for ISPs

We have an extensive knowledge of the issues that arise from customers of Internet Service Providers. Currently, we serve subscribers of Dial-up, DSL, Cable, wireless, WiFi, T-1 and ISDN services across the US for our ISP clients. Our engineers are equipped to answer most questions related to your Internet Service. They are trained to patiently walk your customers through setting up their computers and software to work with your service. All our processes are web-based and are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing support infrastructure. We cover following issues and technologies under our support:

Connectivity Issues: Cover all issues regarding connectivity in Windows (95, 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000), Linux and Macintosh. We will also reinstall dial-up networking or network protocols if necessary.

Username / Password: We will lookup, reset, and advise customers on their username and/or passwords.

Navigation and Browsing: We will support all popular browsers and most navigation issues including reinstalling of dial-up networking.

Other Software: We provide support for most popular content filtering and accelerator software. Katalyst will provide assistance with specialized software provided appropriate training and documents are provided by the client.

Hosting: Basic troubleshooting such as – check if webpage is up, ping and trace routes, reverse DNS lookup, and FTP support. Next level issues such as – rebooting servers, adding domains, changing passwords for customers, reinstallation of FTP clients, support of SSH and SSL.

Networking: Our support technicians are trained and experienced in supporting even some of the most complex networking issues. We handle all the common networking issues related to TCP / IP configuration, network adapter installation, home network assistance, proxy configuration and firewalls, among others.

Sign-up: We provide support for customers who are looking to sign-up for ISP services. This includes taking down all required information for signing up to setting up the service on their computers.