Cloud Computing Applications Support

The development of cloud computing caters to the desire of business users and consumers to access useful software applications that reside in the cloud but are accessible from anywhere through a web browser or thin client.  Katalyst, with its historical strength in supporting web hosting companies is ideally placed to serve the new world of mobile apps and the trend towards web-based business software.

Consider Katalyst if you are looking to outsource technical support for web based applications such as:

  • Mobile Apps
  • CRM applications
  • Web based HR applications
  • Collaboration software
  • Social networking sites
  • Project management software
  • Team sites
  • Webmail
  • SharePoint sites
  • Web based document management software
  • Online tutoring software
  • Web conferencing applications
  • Web based SEO software
  • Voice over IP applications
  • Email marketing software
  • Web calendars
  • Web based medical software
  • Scheduling application