Call Center Services

When you customers or prospects have a question, they expect to reach your team quickly. And often, problems are best solved by talking to a person.  Low cost 24/7 call center services from Katalyst can help you improve customer retention and increase revenue per customer.  We provide a gamut of call center services that could be as basic as an answering or message taking service to an expert technical support help desk.  We have a flexible, quick learning, and adaptable team and systems that can serve the needs of a startup company as well as a multi-billion dollar company.  Clients decide which portion of their support functions is suitable to outsource.  We work closely with the clients to make it happen.

Our strength is in supporting products and services that have a technology component.   We can be involved in various stages – in pre-sales, post-sales, signups, demonstrations and training, technical support, and customer support.  We can provide support through phone, email, or chat, or combinations of these interfaces.  As we operate through a 24/7 center, we can support customers from diverse time zones. Some companies use us for business hours support and others for just after-hours and weekend support.

Our Call Center Support Services

  • 24/7 Phone Support Services
  • Online Customer Support Services
  • Desktop Support
  • Help Desk Support
  • After Hours Support
  • Product Information services

24/7 Phone Support Services

Chances of losing your business is more if you don’t answer your customer calls promptly. You cannot afford to live by the fact that customers will have questions or issues only during your business hours. This is where our 24/7 Phone Support Services will assist you.  Our expert team of professionals will be there round-the-clock to assist your customers even when you are not working. Our agents are rigorously trained to provide excellent quality assistance to your customers.  Our support can give you that extra sales lead or stop a cancellation.

Online Customer Support Services

Our expert team is available round-the-clock to support your business online via chat and e-mail, in a secure real-time environment.  Our team of professionals can answer your top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or with access to appropriate customer information systems, answer user account related questions.

Desktop Support

Katalyst agents are well trained to manage desktops on various platforms such as Windows 7; Windows XP; Windows Vista, and Linux.  We have the ability to remote control customer desktops to fix problems.

Help Desk Support

Our 24/7 Help Desk call center agents are always present to provide with first-tier questions for your company. Urgent technical glitches are easily solved at the first contact itself.

After Hours Support

Most companies are not designed to work during office hours. We support your customer even after working hours. So, all calls, chats, emails regarding your products coming to us are taken care of efficiently.

Product Information Services

We can train our agents thoroughly so that they understand your products as well as your internal staff.  So any customer questions related to your products and services are handled without any glitch.